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          News detail
          2019-07-19 16:22:57


          The 2019 shanghai hunter marine Co.,Ltd mid-year conference was held in shanghai headquarters at 13/07, Each department director carried on the summary speech to the first half year work achievement and the insufficiency. General Manager Mr.Tang affirms the company's outstanding performance in the first half of 2019, Analysis of the road to transformation and breakout under the new development of the ship spare parts business. Plan and design the company's future development direction, And clear instructions have been given to the work of various departments.

          回顧成績 堅定前行

          Review achievements and move forward firmly



          At the meeting, The Hunter company members reviewed the results achieved in the first half of the year. Each department director (Including personnel and finance department, technical department, product department, warehousing and logistics department, quality inspection department, sales department, purchasing department, etc.) carried on the earnest summary speech in the first half year work.



          At the meeting, General Manager Mr.Tang pointed out the direction for the work in the second half of 2019:" The Hunter will continue to strengthen ship parts supply services, warehousing and logistics services, Focus on brand stores in marine power systems and spare parts service providers to build . Continue to increase investment and innovation in brand power. Collusion development with partners, And jointly create a professional, healthy and sustainable market environment , Continue to empower partners, maintain a good business model and system, and enhance the confidence and morale of our partners. "

          積極轉型 擁抱未來

          Active transformation, embrace the future



          Shanghai Hunter Marine Co., Ltd. is a marine power system accessories service provider integrating marine engine technical consultation, maintenance, spare parts supply and warehousing logistics services. The company is committed to building a global, intelligent and information-based ship power system service platform, providing professional and efficient services for the maintenance and repair of ship engines worldwide.


          However, since the beginning of 2019, with the tightening of the macroeconomic environment, the market competition in the shipbuilding industry has become increasingly fierce, and the Hunter company will face greater challenges and opportunities. Facing the future, the Hunter company proposes a future development strategy of “setting the dual status of factories and stockists” At the same time of promoting the healthy development of the enterprise, we will keep forging ahead, have the courage to innovate and transform independently to promote the sustainable development of the enterprise, and provide customers with high-quality ship parts and maintenance services to create greater value and interests.


          致敬奮斗 向海而行

          Pay tribute to struggle  Move forward 


          Sales have been climbing in the first half of 2019, The Hunter company run fast all the way toward 2020! This road has been hard, more rewarding, more rewarding, and more happy! In the future, we will remain unchanged and provide more professional and efficient services to every customer!